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Author: Jen Green
Dive in! Explore the secrets of the world’s oceans—from the familiar shoreline to the strange abyss of the murky depths—in this amazing guide featuring five eye-popping 3-D scenes.
Author: Christina Wilsdon
Dive into the deep blue sea with us!
Author: Megan Roth; Illustrator: Emiri Hayashi

Join Bubble on a counting adventure under the sea!

Author: Barbara Taylor
Discover the fantastic world of ocean animals up close in this exciting new book filled with detailed illustrations, a model to assemble, a plastic turtle, reusable stickers, and a removable magnifier.
Author: A.J. Wood; Illustrator: Maurice Pledger

Lift the flaps and discover ocean animal friends!

Author: Tom Jackson; Illustrator: Val Walerczuk

The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures introduces young readers to the diversity of marine life through stunning, oversized illustrations and fascinating facts.

Illustrator: Maurice Pledger
Noisy Nature: In the Ocean is a fun, interactive way for children to discover the sights and sounds of the ocean.
Author: Cynthia Stierle

Read Build Play: Ocean lets young readers explore the world's oceans through creative learning and play.

Author: Ruth Strother; Illustrator: John Francis
Dive into the amazing ocean—with the Smithsonian!
Author: Megan Roth; Illustrator: Hazel Quintanilla

Jump in Tiger's submarine and get ready for an ocean adventure!