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Author: Sarah Albee
Animal Adventures are Dino-mite!
Illustrator: Maurice Pledger
Animal Kingdom: Dinosaurs and Bugs introduces young children to a variety of amazing creatures through fun sticker activities.
Author: Douglas Palmer
Discover the fantastic world of dinosaurs and fossils up close in this exciting new book filled with detailed illustrations, a model to assemble, a replica fossil, reusable stickers, and a removable magnifier.
Author: Susie Brooks; Illustrator: Jonathan Woodward
Read all about the fiercest dinosaur of all time, then build your own T. rex model!
Author: Douglas Palmer; Illustrator: Mark Ruffle

Discover the ferocious world of the dinosaurs!

Author: Jacqueline A. Ball
Step back into the Mesozoic era to learn about the most extreme creatures in our planet’s history.
Author: Sarah Albee
Puzzle out the mystery of these lost beasts with this fun and educational kit about dinosaurs!
Author: Anne Rooney; Illustrator: Suzanne Carpenter

Peel back the layers, hear the sounds, and discover the dinosaurs that lie in wait!

Author: Richie Chevat
Magnetic Learning: Dinosaurs will spark a young adventurer’s interest in the remarkable creatures of the prehistoric world.
Author: Tom Jackson; Illustrator: Rudolf Farkas

The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures introduces readers to the diversity of prehistoric life that roamed the planet millions of years ago.