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Illustrator: Peter David Scott
Discover the incredible diversity of the natural world through Peter David Scott’s stunning illustrations of animals in their native habitats.
Author: Emily Bolam
An engaging and tactile introduction to animals!
Author: Rob Colson; Illustrator: Sandra Doyle, Elizabeth Gray, Steve Kirk

Learn about your favorite animals from the inside out!

Author: Courtney Acampora; Illustrator: Sara Lynn Cramb
Learn about your favorite animals while you wait for dinner!
Author: Courtney Acampora; Illustrator: Liz Forester
Connect the dots to bring the animals to life!
Author: Barbara Taylor
Discover the fantastic world of ocean animals up close in this exciting new book filled with detailed illustrations, a model to assemble, a plastic turtle, reusable stickers, and a removable magnifier.
Author: Margaret Griffiths; Illustrator: Jake McDonald
Doodle Magic: Animals is a doodler’s delight, with oodles of inspiration to provide kids with hours of drawing fun.
Author: Linda Sonntag
Earth Lab: World Animals is a fascinating and interactive title that gets kids started on the road to discovering the amazing wildlife on our planet.
Author: Jacqueline A. Ball
Step back into the Mesozoic era to learn about the most extreme creatures in our planet’s history.
Author: Paul Beck
Venture into the wilderness to learn about the most extreme and dangerous predators on the planet.