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Author: Cynthia Stierle

Adventure Pack: Space will take young astronauts far into outer space, where they will discover the incredible universe that awaits!

Author: Jen Green; Illustrator: Mark Ruffle

Discover the colossal mysteries of space!

Author: Jon Richards
Earth Lab: Solar System is an exciting and interactive title that inspires kids to plan their own outer space explorations.
Author: Peter Riley, Lawrence Lorimer
A learning adventure that is out of this world!
Author: Dr. Mike Goldsmith; Illustrator: Sebastian Quigley, Nicholas Forder, Martin Sanders et. al.

Get ready for an out-of-this-world journey!

Author: Jonathan Litton; Illustrator: Nicola Anderson
Blast off for the moon with Monkey and his friends!
Author: Ian Graham
Do you want to see something that’s out of this world? Slide over and explore the universe with Slide and Discover: Space.
Author: Courtney Acampora

Get ready for a space adventure with the Smithsonian!

Author: Dorothea DePrisco
Explore the science of the Earth with Smithsonian Discover: Earth.
Author: Denise Baggett
Blast off into the mysterious universe with Smithsonian Discover: Space.